What kind of alien are you?

Build a flying bicycle out of trees and ride your way off the planet.
Kill the other alien. You will be the sole survivor.
Befriend the alien and bring it back in time with you.
You're looking out for your own species. Latch on to the other alien and never let go.

What else can you do? It's your purpose.
You want to explore all of time and space. It's a fascinating place.
You're out to save the world and everyone in it.
You want to bring peace and balance to the galaxy.

Make a home deep in the rainforest and protect it at all costs.
That would be magnificent! Humans are such interesting creatures.
Try to get back home. Maybe try calling?
That's practically a feast! All those humans to attack.

Do you mean sentient plants? Because I've been friends with those.
All of nature is valuable.
They're completely useless. I have no need for them.
Everything is connected. You can feel the energy from all living things.

Battle. I am a great warrior.
That would probably be my strength. And being indestructable.
Getting people and things where they need to go.
Being attuned to the universe.

Dying peacefully at home.
Being stranded alone on some other planet.
Rocks. I hate rocks. Can't trust 'em.
Having my home destroyed.

That's a tough one. Probably humans.
Reese's Pieces
Beef Bourguignon with Ketchup
Rokeg blood pie

A whole group of diverse aliens. I try to keep them safe.
I don't usually travel far from home. If I do, I stick with those I know well.
If I meet someone who I find interesting, I'll bring them along with me.
Most of my kind are gone. I try to stay with those who have the same philosophy as me.